SOUP offers an extension of your brand’s creative team focused purely on telling simple and timeless stories  with a touch of adventure, a ton of personality, and an inherent sense of authenticity. We’re not  talking about the “tattoo an energy drink logo on my forehead and jump out of a spaceship” type of adventure, rather the adventurous spirit that leads people to take that risk, make that leap, or pursue that potentially financially-ruinous passion. We tell human stories that underscore the best elements of your brand. 

You’ve heard this all before – we know – but here we go: SOUP is a group of agency expats who got tired of the unnecessary red-tape induced challenges that exist within traditional  agency models. Pulling from years of brand, campaign, music, art-as-a-money-pit, journalism, digital as well as make-shit-in-the-real-world experience, we bring a holistic understanding of all facets of campaign-based marketing with a DIY ethic and an artistic approach.