Meet Gary Hustwit: Filmmaker, Design Nerd, and Kronberg 911 Mastermind

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Gary Hustwit


Craft + Tailored


Creative Direction, Editorial

Gary Hustwit is a multi-hyphenate who has always been fascinated by how we engage with the things around us.

From his early days at legendary punk label SST to a career in indie publishing, to a second act as a filmmaker focused on design, Hustwit has always asked “What if?” when approaching a project. With the Kronberg Racing 911, Hustwit has asked “What if functionalist design hero Dieter Rams’ had gone racing with a Porsche 911 in the ‘60s?” This interview gets into Hustwit’s remarkable career odyssey, his philosophy as a creative, and gets deep on the design details of his whimsical 911 art car.

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